& moh-moh-eh ;
& moh-moh-eh ;
right now….

i’m efffing grounded! wtf!?
I never get grounded! and i’m turning 20 in two days!

but anyways.
i’m at home about to write casey’s baby cousin’s
get better soon card that we bought like 3 days ago.
She has that split lip thingy:(
But she’s got a surgery two days ago so I hope
she feels better(: She’s soooo cute!
I can’t wait to baby-sit her:D
I’m ready any time!!!! ♥

aaaaand I’m gonna finish up my photostand order!

booooo! I'm trying to go to it and when I do all I see is the sparkly arrow and a white page, I can also see a webpage counter thinggyy

Oh. and umbrella didn't work. I got soaked because Yoshi's so tiny ahahha and it broke shortly after hahahahaha i have to go buy her a new umbrella


okay now i’ve read this.
I’m super sorry i couldn’t take you home:(
I felt like REALLY REALLY REALLY swear to god bad:( :( :( :(
so sorry…:(

but yeah i know, something went wrong, and my page was ruined….

so i made a whole new one and it’s done!!!!!!!


checkitout yooooo’

but yeah. are you gonna get her a pink one? lolololol.


Yay! I finally had the time to upload all the pictures I took last night(: well, any one the sweets that I post on this site can be turned into anything! (like necklace, earrings, celphone charm, or rings!) You can just email me and let me know how you want them(: Hopefully by tomorrow night I can post the basic price of the sweets! so check back in a day or two! thanks for reading! xoxo

follow meeeeee pleeeeaseeeee.
I promise it’s worth yoo timeeeeee.

OMG! this is so cute!!!!

OMG! this is so cute!!!!


Hello, tumblr.!
I haven’t logged in for a long time!
I’ve missed you! :D
Now I’m back, ready to observe some inspiration!



Season Two, Episode Twenty-Two


Season Two, Episode Twenty-Two

ooooooooohuuu gahhhhwd. may i please come across these pairs of flats soon in my life?

ooooooooohuuu gahhhhwd.
may i please come across these pairs of flats soon in my life?

Oh, no.

I swear to everything, and to the world.
If this school problem of mine can work out on Monday,
I’ll make this change happen to my self.
I swear.

So please let it happen.
So please help me:(


My momma came home from Japan today!
and she brought me back magazines that I’ve asked her for,
and she also brought me back some really cute stuff
that I should post here tomorrow:D

I need to start collecting that kind of bracelets.

I need to start collecting that kind of bracelets.

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Uhm, I’m not too sure if I’m doing alright in school.
I know I’m doing well in my online FAMR class, and
I know I’ll be fine for HIST cos I can catch up to that
with the exams.  But I definetly know I’m not doing
okay in BIOL. Ohgahwd. I hate science. I don’t even
know where to begin. I just don’t do math and science!
I just got a 46% on my first exam. and it’s not looking too
good on my second one either. I need to study harder
so I can get my financial aid back. This is terrible:(

ouuuuuugahhhhwdddddd.once I feel anorexic enough, then I’ll get a tatt.

once I feel anorexic enough, then I’ll get a tatt.


peacekarmalove: :)
hehehe it's college but your excused because your not at UH
thanks I hope I get in!!

lol. i just commented on your fb wall saying “i just remembered that it’s COLLEGE of ed.” lol. i felt pretty dumb, cause i was just looking over my college of ed paper thing i got from my councelor. but lmk if you get in or not!!!!!!! (i should just say, “let me know when you get in!” to be optimistic. :D)